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As kids, Shaun and Daz are inseparable, skipping school, racing bikes, knocking about down by the lake with Katy, Shaun’s first love. Full of life, Shaun runs up against an education system that cannot contain him. He is squeezed and eventually spat out, taking Daz down with him as he self-destructs.

Twenty years later, Daz is in a wheelchair and has eight weeks to live. Shaun is left to reflect on one gilded summer of love, sex and loyalty that marked the end of innocence. His memories lead him to track down Katy, in a bid for personal redemption. This is a story of bright lives unfulfilled, of hopes that are snuffed out and then, finanlly rekindled.

Winner Scottish Bafta for Best Director & Best Film

“For me collaboration is everything and Stephen is a true collaborator, while retaining his own voice.

“On the films we have made together, Stephen’s music has enhanced and enriched the films in a way which is truly inventive, subtle and intelligent. His music is an organic extension of the characters experience. It does not feel laid over but integral – and he always surprises me with something new.

“On the television we have collaborated on, Stephen has created thriller genre (Wired) through to docu-drama (Derailed – the Paddington Rail Disaster) with ease and fantastic results, sometimes on a very limited time scale and budget.”

Kenny Glenaan


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